Mommy, Mommy, When You Pray?

 Mommy, Mommy, When you Pray, by Kimberly Cook, is a delightful picture book, written and illustrated by a mother with an eye for colour and an ear for lyrical language. This little book will capture the hearts and minds of children as well as their parents. Images and words work together harmoniously as her colourful illustrations and words vibrate with joy. I smiled as I read every page.
Title The book opens with a young child asking, “Mommy, mommy when you pray, what’s in your heart, what do you pray?” What is in this author’s heart is joy and love for her kids and her Lord.
Kim is not trying to shape little kids into tiny, pious adult clones but celebrating real kids who are active, curious and mischievous with a tremendous capacity for joy and love for their parents and for God  Kimberly taps into that spiritual potential. Rather than crushing their God given spirit, she knows just how to celebrate their innate spirituality and how to coax it to the surface. Kids will look at the pictures, read the simple words or listen as it is read to them over and over again. As they do so, Christ himself will draw them close to His heart.
 Mommy, Mommy When you Pray has the potential to become not only a favourite children’s book but a classic.
You can purchase Mommy, Mommy, When You Pray on Kim’s website  The Lion of Design
 Kim is happily blessed in her vocation as wife to a convert to Catholicism and as a stay-at-home mom to three kids who are still under three. She holds degrees in Fine Arts, Philosophy, Mental Health, and a Masters of Systematic Theology. And she has worked on a ranch, as a whitewater rafting instructor, and as a High School Theology teacher outside DC.
She began blogging, again, with no idea what she was doing but she just wanted to write about things she was passionate about; like faith, share creative inspiration; art, and amuse myself and others at the comical mishaps and hidden moments of beauty in motherhood.
Listen to an Interview and find out more about Kim and her family.

Copyright- Melanie Jean Juneau, 2015

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