Worth Revisiting: Spiritual Freedom

As Jean Vanier ( founder of L’Arche) once said,

“You can be right. You can be dead right and bring death to all those around you.”

Every thinking, praying, honest spiritual person who seeks the Holy Spirit in their own heart, comes to a point where they clash with those who look to obey the letter of the law, not the spirit of the law.  SOME traditionalists are afraid of the inner spiritual life so they fall back on fulfilling the letter of the law, even if that law is simply habits of the last century or so and not basic tenets of the faith. Jesus called this sort of believer a Pharisee.

This religious spirit chains many believers; they focus on outer conformity to tradition. If we understand the difference between cultural tradition and the core tenets of our faith, our focus changes.


All we want to do is allow God to love us and pass it on to those around us. I Do believe that the Catholic Church is the fullest expression of revealed truth that is why I converted 38 years ago. However, I agree with Mother Teresa and Jean Vanier ; we are called to love people where they are. When we do, then non-essentials fall way. Mother Teresa did not try to convert the dying Hindu or Muslim beggar, she just loved them with a Divine love which converted their hearts without words.

When we die we will all see clearly and realize that we really did not understand as much as we think we did anyway. St. Paul says we see through a mirror darkly.

Holy people realize the closer they actually get to God, the less the really know. They are the simple souls who simply look at God and let Him gaze with love on them in return.

We are not alone.

The Body of Christ includes all lovers of God. God doesn’t care who or what we call Him or how we worship because He just looks at our heart. He loves all of us in spite of our foibles and sin. Basically everyone is pretty much made up of the same stuff. None of us knows a heck of a lot about God or what He really thinks yet He treats us with humour and kindness. The least we can do is extend this same kindness to others.

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