Yes, Catholics CAN Evangelize

Catholics generally don’t think of Jesus as an evangelist per say, but rather a storyteller. Well, the Son of God understood parables are powerful vehicles for truth.  Since parables impact people when they can relate to the details of the story, Jesus told stories about the ordinary people of His day.

Nancy Ward also understands when people simply tell their personal journey of faith in their own words,  they can help others who are seeking an authentic meeting with God. Ordinary people can reach, or evangelize, many who are outside the traditional  Church.

Nancy is a Catholic writer with a unique mission from God to encourage fellow Catholics to start evangelizing. With her new DVD, Sharing YOUR faith story,  she removes Catholic’s fear of the word evangelism and equips them to step out with confidence and simply share the joy of the Gospel.

God definitely used Nancy’s background to prepare her for this vocation because she is a convert to the Catholic faith. She witnesses to her  faith not only on her blog JOY Alive in our hearts but also as a freelance editor, a journalist for twenty-five years, and a contributor to Catholic Writers Guild blog, Catholic Mom, and

In this DVD, Nancy does not simply teach and instruct, she gently mentors each listener because she is an encourager.

“What is the most effective way to evangelize? Personal witness. God expresses his love through our story. He created each of us as an unrepeatable expression of his presence. We all have a unique story that no one else can tell.

SYFS-Cover-Amazon-lg-210x300Nancy’s DVD series equips people who sincerely want to share their faith with others. The three-part seminar includes:

  1. Sharing Your Conversion Story -three basic steps
  2. Sharing Your Renewal Story – or healing, miracle or answered prayer
  3. Ten Tips for Sharing Your Faith Story – in person, in writing, on the Internet

Enter the contest for a free DVD, or go straight to Nancy’s site and order one.

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At the end of this week the name of each supporter will be put in the drawing, once for each incidence listed in 1-8 and twice for 9, 10 – reviews.  A DVD will be awarded to the person whose name is drawn. Drawings are held on October 25th and announced onNancy HC Ward and All entries from both week one and week two are put in the drawing for the $25.00 gift card, awarded Oct 25th.

Featured Blogs to visit this week:
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Friday Oct 23 – Margaret Rose Realy – Morning Rose Prayer Gardens
Saturday Oct 24 – Sarah Reinhard – Snoring Scholar
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4 thoughts on “Yes, Catholics CAN Evangelize

  1. Melanie:

    Now I truly understand why +Elizabeth Reardon referred to you as a “prolific writer.” Your write-up on Nancy’s DVD was much better written than mine. I really learn a lot about being a better writer from reading your posts.



    *Virginia Lieto, Inspirational Author* *Embrace the virtues to live a happier life!* Download your FREE Virtues Guide at Find me on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Google +, and Pinterest

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