Worth Revisiting: Root Our Children in Love

Ephesians 3:17: Be rooted and grounded in love

If my children could  remember only three things to take with them into their adult life, what would I want them to be?

1.Trust that I love you and believe in you. Let that love be your foundation and your springboard into life.

2. God loves you,  just as you are. Relax in that Love, let it sink in, heal you, strengthen you and release you into freedom and joy. Don’t try to save yourself and everybody else on your own. Notice that I called God Lord. Let God be God and don’t steal His job.

3. Reach out and allow love to flow through you to your partner, children, neighbours and in doing so discover your unique vocation, your work in the world.


A child rooted in love becomes a secure, warm, giving adult who attracts as much light as he reflects. He can live in relative peace with himself and others. With his basic emotional needs fulfilled,  he is free to love and serve other people and to develop intellectually as well as creatively.

Baltasar Gracian , a Spanish Jesuit scholar who lived from 1601 till 1658 said:

“Give me the child until he is
seven and I care not who has him thereafter.”
“Give me the child till the age of seven
and I will show you the man.”


A child grounded in his parents’ love, who knows  that the Lord loves him,  is strong and resilient Most of us spend years dealing with love, trust, fear, guilt issues. Imagine a whole generation of young people healed and set free to serve the world in  and through Love? It would be heaven on earth. It would be the beginning of a revolution that would change the face of the earth.

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