Radio Interview with Mary Graham: Conversion & Generational Sin

Mary Graham interviewed me for her series of radio shows called “Living Witnesses.” Mary also hosts Adoration Radio.  Her bio on Breadbox Media reveals a woman who has impressive experience in radio.

Mary Graham is a veteran radio broadcaster, with experience in small, medium and major markets. Early in her career she worked at small local stations as a news reporter and on air talent. Shortly after moving to Florida she secured a job as the Music Director in Gainesville. Her experience at this station opened the doors for her to acquire an on air position at the leading am/fm combo in the Orlando market.

image_MaryGraham_Podbean After an extended maternity leave Mary was hired as the General Manager of a local station in central Florida. The community was very grateful for the new life and energy she brought to the station. She left that position to pursue avenues in Catholic media. Mary was one of the founding members of On This Rock Communication’s, Inc. and the founder of Culture of Life Media. Mary currently provides her services to several Catholic radio stations/networks. In addition to being very active at her local parish leading bible studies, teaching RCIA and serving as a catechist for the youth she has served on various committees for the Diocese of Orlando.

I wish I had time to transcribe this interview. I can say this is the first time I have managed to relate my journey to the Catholic Church from my childhood.

Also, for the first time I try to explain the effect our ancestors have on us, how to pray for generational sin, as well for those in purgatory who are pressing in on us for prayers. Many of our issues and difficulties are the effects of this pressure from souls in our bodies, minds, emotions and spirits. to hear the full story, tune in
unnamed (17)You can hear the podcast on Breadbox Media

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