Catholic Conference 4 Moms : Faces of Mercy with Tami Kiser

The second Catholic Conference 4 Moms: Faces of Mercy is coming up in February. It is hard to find childcare or travel to a conference, so Tami brings the Catholic Conference 4 Mom right to us.

The 2016 “Faces of Mercy” Catholic Conference 4 Moms will offer:

  • 20+ all new popular presenters and presentations (see them here)
  • a Spanish Track, featuring presentations specifically for Hispanic moms
  • access to all the videos all the time throughout Lent
  • Live-streamed sessions on Saturday morning featuring Jennifer Fulwiler and on Saturday afternoon of the Divine Mercy Chaplet
  • HD videos also available as MP3 /Podcasts for download
  • Valuable digital swag bags for all online attendees

For just $14.99, you get access to the entire conference. You can login anytime, anywhere to listen to videos. If you’re up at 2 am with a sick kid or a nursing baby—get some encouragement! If you’re driving across town for an appointment—find some inspiration!

Tami Kiser is the conference founder and organizer who lives in Greenville, SC, with her husband of 28 years.  They have 10 children (ages 3-26) and 5 grandchildren.  Her husband is a headmaster at a Catholic school while Tami manages her large family, providing family dinners, essay edits, haircuts, rides, stories, and lots of advice.  She also teaches dance part-time and works on this exciting conference.

Celebrate the Year of Mercy by renewing your faith and your vocation as a mom by listening to these talks. Better yet, as Tami suggests, get some friends together and share encouragement with them.

I will be reviewing one of the talks by Karee and her husband, Dr. Santos, on “Mercy in Marriage”.

Since I am an affiliate for the Catholic Conference 4 Moms; I will receive a few dollars per registration.  My code is NineHost for the Hosting Package discount and just plain Nine for the individual conference coupon. Drop by the website and use my code to save $2 on your registration fee!

Look for an interview with Tammi tomorrow.


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