Modern Art Depicts the Crucifixion For Modern Eyes

Contemporary artists view the crucifixion through new eyes, enabling the Holy Spirit to impact yet another generation of Christians.

Michael O’Brien – Cross of the Holy Face
Yongsung Kim :a young, Korean artist
Yongsung Kim: a young, Korean artist


Yongsung Kim
Station 5: Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry his cross. Artist: Father Sieger Koder. Title: “Unison.”
Part of the Stations of the Cross by Ben Denison


I am amazed by the beauty of this – as abstract as it is – it is still so clearly Christ on the Cross.

(Salvador Dali 1961)-Large Wood Framed/Glass/Print



Ukranian iconist, Ivanka Demchuk
Ukranian iconist, Ivanka Demchuk
unknown artist
Frank Wagmans

Forgiven by Russ Docken
Modern, Slovakian, Catholic artist – Ladislav Záborský
by Jacquie Binns                                                                                              Raymond Poulet
While living in Italy as a small child, DeGrazia was exposed to the art of the Catholic Church. Although he never formally participated in church life, this particular series of paintings reflect a deep reverence for all things religious. Instead of the traditional 14 Stations of the Cross, DeGrazia’s collection culminates with the resurrection.
  The Way of the Cross -DeGrazia

Ilya Glazunov (Russian: Илья Глазунов), contemporary Russian artist from Saint Petersburg, born June 10, in 1930


2 thoughts on “Modern Art Depicts the Crucifixion For Modern Eyes

  1. Melainie you know so much about Catholic art! I love it. Thank you for pointing some of it out for us. Other than the Dali and the Záborský, which you told us about a few weeks ago, I have not seen any of them before. They are all brilliant. I have to say I really love the Demchuk.

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