Unique Catholic Artist- Fr. Sieger Koder



The German priest-painter, Father Sieger Köder, died in Ellwangen, Germany. on 9 February 2015 just after his 90th birthday.  He was born in Wasseralfingen in Swabia and was a prisoner of war during World War II. He participated in the Catholic Neudeutschland movement, trained as a silversmith and painter and worked as a secondary school art teacher.




At 41 years old, he studied theology and was ordained in 1971.  He combined his vocation as a parish priest with his work as an artist, producing numerous paintings, altarpieces and stained glass windows for churches within and outside Germany.  He continued painting long into his retirement.





Köder’s work was influenced by Chagall, using strong colours and chunky figures. His paintings are an earthy, yet spiritual interpretation of biblical themes.  Köder’s painting is the visual expression of his priestly ministry.


Fr Sieger Köder’s distinctive painting was  part of his ministry and revealed his commitment to the social gospel.



14 thoughts on “Unique Catholic Artist- Fr. Sieger Koder

    1. and he painted many more… I am thrilled with your response; I just answered a comment on Pinterest from the administrator of Awestruck who said most Catholic artists remain hidden and poor…and hopefully humble, while Protestant and LDS artists seem to be promoted

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      1. hi there,

        I am working on a presentation about Jesus washing the feet of the disciples in modern art. I really want to reference sieger koder’s painting the washing of the feet. However, I can not get reference on the date despite all of my searching. do you know the date and the citation for this painting? thanks very much

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  1. I would like to obtain permission to use Fr. Koder’s painting of the woman at the well for a Catholic women’s retreat. How do I go about getting the permission?

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  2. Beautiful joyful colourful paintings. I have only discovered the work of Father Koder and I look forward to exploring his work with great enthusiasm

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  3. Just reflecting on ‘The Last Supper’ at the top of this page. Is there anywhere I can find a ‘commentary’/interpretation of this image?

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