Was Jesus an Inefficient Square Like Me?

Every morning

when I wake up

I realize I am

An inefficient square.


I force myself to rush.

I strain to be productive

As I face mounds of laundry and

An ending cycle of work.feeb011b9388db3937011d39ba8972b3

I mother nine messy, little people.


I  brutally hack off the all my creative corners,

So I can roll through my chores

Like an efficient circle.


Despite my best efforts

When I wake up the next morning

I am a square again.

I stop to read a few pages of a beloved book with my son,

Decorate the dollhouse for my girls,

Sit to create a figure from play dough with a toddler,

Stop to search for ladybugs,

Delight in building a magical play tent from sheets for my little people….


Recently I have begun to

Rejoice in my


Creativity is more fun than efficiency.



I do not think Jesus was efficient;

He was not a modern man.

He was an Eastern sort of man

Who delighted in long meals, conversations

And long, inefficient times of silence listening to His Father

Yes, the world needs more happy squares

To  slow society


Efficiency is not a virtue.

Efficiency is not a sign of holiness.

connecting with theology is a verb

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