The Oldest Images of Mary

I found eight of the oldest images of Mary on a site called Church Pop


One of the oldest images of Mary was found in the Catacombs and is dated around the 2nd century.


A fascinating carving in stone is thought to be from the 3rd century and features the three Magi bringing gifts to the Christ Child on Mary’s lap.


I love this painting of Mary as the Protectress of the Roman People , created in the 5th century.


This icon features the Madonna and Child Enthroned Among the Angels and Saints – 6th century

fe0a2c194bd6467217ca3cd18123819d1One of my favorite icons is called Agiosoritissa (Mother of God) – 7th century


This Nativity Icon is also from the 7th century.






An intricate carving from the 9th century is the cover to a copy of the gospels from the 8th century.

62968a086d969573824be193b346f6bf1                                                   A Madona and Child icon – 9th century



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