Saint> Sinner=The Teeter-Totter of Life

 At first glance, the relationship looks bleak. Victoria, with low self-esteem and a victim complex, is in an emotionally abusive relationship. Louie, her husband does love her but he is a miserable man, struggling with cancer and the progression of M.S. In an attempt to dull the effects of depression, Louie drinks. In addition, he resorts to verbal abuse, venting his pain on poor Victoria.
 Yep, Louie looks like the bad guy sitting on the low-end of the teeter-totter; Victoria seems to be the perfect, suffering saint, running the household and holding everything together. Look again!

The teeter-totter shifts. Victoria injures her knee and suddenly, bam, she is now on the low-end of the teeter-totter. She does not like it one bit. She does not want to accept this shift in power. Frantically, this good, little wife tries to stay in charge of her realm by hobbling around her house in order to do all the chores. of course, Victoria finally breaks down in tears and asks her husband for help.


Louie responds to her requests! At first, Victoria only asks if she is desperate but soon, without being asked, Louie is the one to pick up the morning paper at the corner, make his wife a cup of coffee and even cook dinner. Victoria bemoans the fact that her kingdom has crumbled and struggles to accept help. Yet, as she does, Louie continues to rise even higher on the teeter-totter. The balance of power has shifted.

The biggest surprise of all is that Louie drinks less and less every day. Without his wife’s constant nagging or silent disapproval, Louie is now free to change.

The teeter-totter of life.

No one is always the bad abuser.

No one is always the helpless victim.

Both partners are part of an intricate dance because it really does take “two to tango”.

Husband and wife react to each other by triggering positive emotions or setting off volcanic eruptions that are rooted in old wounds, often from childhood.

When we change ourselves, our mates change. When we quit controlling and demanding change, our better half is free to change.There is nothing more damaging to a marriage than when one partner is a self-righteous, suffering Catholic martyr. Christ is powerless in the face of such pride; He is free to heal when both the good and bad looking partners come before Him with a humble and contrite heart.


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4 thoughts on “Saint> Sinner=The Teeter-Totter of Life

  1. This gave me a lot to think about. It’s true. From my own experience, once I let go of the “victim” mentality when I was wronged, and just resorted to praying for that person–I was able to see that they are a struggling sinner just like I am. There were things that probably turned people off, as much as they turned me off.

    The thing that I learned is that I have to keep that in the forefront of my mind.

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