The Archangels in Stone, Paint,Wood

Today I celebrate the feast of the Archangels in art throughout history. Although angels are mentioned over 3000 times in scripture, but these three are the only ones ever mentioned by name.9deb9d5ec10797b3e53fc45fb853c42a

St. Michael-  Who is like God

St. Gabriel-  Strength of God

St. Raphael-  Divine Healerada3e7cc6df2850ffa6b533e8e30adbc


The Archangel Michael

Michael O’Brien


by Canadian Michael O’Brien
Tiffany’s Warrior Angel  1914


by Father John Giuliani

St. Michael is the prince of the Angels, the warrior Angel, fighting first Satan and his demons from the beginning, then, in the course of time, all the enemies of God’s own People. He is “the great prince, who standeth for the children of thy people.”

As of old, so today, Saint Michael is the great defender of the Church of Christ on earth.


15th c. rare wooden sculpture of the Angel Gabriel

Archangel St. Gabriel

Immediately before the coming of Christ we meet the Archangel Gabriel in the temple of Jerusalem, announcing to Zachary the birth of a son, John the Baptist, the precursor of Christ: “I am Gabriel, who stand before God, and am sent to speak to thee, and to bring thee these good tidings.”

Archangel Gabriel-The Church of St Mary and St Gabriel,2009- By Philip Jackson



The greatest and by far the most joyful message ever given to an Angel from the beginning of time, was the one brought by the Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary, announcing the birth of Christ. This message is as simple and as it is awesome.252dd7dab1a993bf5987969264c2610b1

Sheila Diemert-St. Gabriel the Archangel


Archangel Gabriel Author, Ivanka Demchuk Ukraine


Andrea della Robbia, Annunciazione, 1490 ca. Firenze, Ospedale degli Innocenti

modern icon, Raphael


In  angelophany, Saint Raphael reveals himself as a divine healer not only of physical infirmities, the blindness of old Tobias but also of spiritual afflictions and diabolical vexations, as in the case of Sara, young Tobias’ wife. St. Raphael, “medicine of God,” cured Tobit’s eyes (Tob 3:17), protected Tobias in his travels, and led him to Sarah for marriage. Raphael said: “Praise God and give thanks to Him in the presence of all the living for what he has done for you” (Tob 12:6).

Archangel Raphael, is the angel of love and joy, is the patron of physicians, travelers ,

and young people discerning vocations.3d36cf4821054caeb5deed54a94e38c2

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