The God Who Comes

We tend to rush around during Advent to get everything done before Christmas but the Church calls us to stand still in our hearts, waiting in silence for an awareness of God and for new birth. I can only listen in the silence. In fact, Alfred Brendel offers an amusing insight, “The word silent contains the same letters as the word listen”

In Greenbush, the snow is falling straight down in huge flakes which absorb sound waves and intensifies the silence of our country home. A deep silence combined with a thick covering of white, clinging to every branch. The effect is a quiet, peaceful, pure white oasis. The thought popped into my mind,“This is a perfect spot to enter into silence but this time to welcome the child of God into my heart, and onto the face of the earth. Right now I can be an open window a portal for the Holy Spirit. One of many counterpoints of light to push back the darkness.”

I can choose to welcome new life into my darkness, my own inner depression. So I relax and let go of the burdens and allow God to carry them for me. Then I turn my eyes to the child Jesus in silent expectation, waiting to be filled with light and hope.

On the darkest day of the year, we remember death. Yet it is also Advent, the brink of Christmas, a festival of light, joy and peace on earth. Allow yourself to be filled with the Holy Spirit and become another point of light, shining in the darkness. Advent is a time of waiting with hope because God always answers, always fulfills His promises. God always comes to be born anew in our hearts.6f1f63668024c8b9a0c27faa6f7005f6



He will come,

He will come.

I can trust that He will come.

For He comes even on a  frosty whisper,

Lighting the darkness with pinpoints of hope

Just as the stars appear each dark night.

He will come,

In spite of myself;

His arrival does not depend on my preparations.

Only that I wait expectantly in the dark.

In the silence

If I open my inner stable door.

He Comes.

He will come like a tiny child

Silently slipping into the open spaces in my heart.


I smile

Eyes Twinkling,


My heart burns with newborn life.

He always Comes.

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