Are We Living a Shadow Life?

The worst possible fate for me would be to die and

discover that I had lived an existence similar

to the allegory described in Plato’s Cave.

Plato describes man’s condition as similar to living chained in a cave,

looking at shadows on the wall cast from a candle;

believing that was what life was all about.

When one person manages to break free and stumbles out into daylight,

he realizes that what he thought was real was merely shadows of real objects.


After he makes his way back into the cave to explain his revelation,

no one believes him because they have no reference point;

they simply cannot grasp this alternate reality.

This allegory is a great explanation for the difficulty that Christians have

as they try to explain their life in the Spirit.

The spiritual life ultimately cannot be taught, it is caught.

The light of God must be experienced, passed on like a living flame.

As for me, I need God to continually break chains and lead me out

into His Son Shine.


need to live in reality.

I refuse to play games, wear masks

and costumes to fit into a false persona which I have crafted in my mind.

To live in truth means discovering my true self at my core,

in the ground of my being.

The longest journey is from our heads to our hearts.

It is a silent journey within.

As Catherine De Heuck Doherty said,

Close the wings of your intellect and

open the wings of your heart

connecting with theology is a verb

11 thoughts on “Are We Living a Shadow Life?

  1. Carissima Melania, ti parlo come se lo facessi con la mia figliola, e con lo stesso nome, leggi queste poche righe, e collegale a ciò che dice Platone, capirai che il Signore agisce sempre nella mente dell’uomo ben disposta al bene : 1. Figliuolo, non ti seducano le belle e sottili parole degli uomini: ” Il regno di Dio non sta nelle parole, ma nelle virtù” (1Cor.4,20). Ascolta invece le mie parole, che accendono i cuori e illuminano le menti, suscitano la compunzione e danno conforto. Non leggere mai neppure una parola al solo scopo di apparire più dotto, più sapiente. Cerca di mortificare i vizi; ciò ti gioverà assai più che la conoscenza di molti difficili problemi. XLIII. Contro la vana scienza del mondo. Da “L’Imitazione di Cristo”
    Santa giornata

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      1. The Apostle Paul, in his travels for the transmission of the Gospel, in Athens, is a statue, with the dedication: “to the unknown God”. See my first assumption. Dear, Holy day.

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    1. The Lord has always manifested to men the treasures of his wisdom and his spirit, but rather reveals even more now that the malice clarifies more his face.

      Saint John Of The Cross

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