God Saved Me From Myself

Christian spirituality, inner transformation, and contemplation are not at all what I first imagined them to be.

I initially began the inner journey striving, depending on my discipline and willpower.
JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER HUMAN, l failed miserably.
Striving to transform spiritually into a person of Love and Light is sort of like an ant straining and trying to turn himself into a human.
Like my Irish grandmother used to say,”You can’t turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse.”

When I admitted defeat, God had an opportunity to save me from myself


Yongsung Kim



When I depend only on myself, I am in a sense wasting the work done on the cross; I am stealing God’s job because I am trying to save, purify and sanctify myself with my energy, strategy, and effort.
When I gave up, exhausted, I untied God’s hands; I gave Him permission to redeem me.
When I let go of control and quit trying to understand the inexplicable, miracles started happening, real miracles.
When I opened my deepest core self to His Spirit, I started to watch God work in and through me as He saved me and all those around me.


There is utter simplicity and therefore freedom when we give up, let go of control and let God be the Lord in all the practical, nitty-gritty details of our life.

Then, we live in joy as children of God.


We really must be reborn in the Spirit and truth and that is not a job for me but the Spirit of God in me. 

connecting with Theology is a Verb

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