Celebrating Frank Xavier Panico’s Faith-Based Movies

Founded in 2010 by screenwriter and filmmaker Frank Xavier Panico, “Xs in the Sky Films” proudly embraces faith-based movies. This company is unashamed of God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Mr.Panico became absolutely fed up with the onslaught of films that portray Christians as corny mindless fanatical nerds who were the subject of ridicule and lame jokes. Instead of sending endless emails or letters of complaint to these producers and their companies, he decided to combat the Christian bashing in his own way, fighting fire with fire. By releasing films that reveal the truth about the billions of individuals who follow Jesus Christ, he intends to destroy the negative stereotype that has been unfairly thrust upon them.

In collaboration with its partners, Xs in the Sky Films is working on different film projects. Finished projects are Lambs Among Wolves, A Different Kind of Church, Moved with Compassion, 3000 A Day and My Friend Raymond. All 5 productions are faith-based and thought-provoking.

They strive to present to the viewer, a different kind of approach to God which is powerful without resorting to shock tactics, not strident but sensitive, gentle, balanced perspectives which will win over the undecided or person who is not actively involved in pro-life, you move slowly to deeper spiritual truths which if presented at the first, some people would reject- your timing really works because you build rapport and trust with those who are speaking- especially the women. You tackle deep spiritual issues involving abortion and its effect on women’s hearts and souls which most people are not aware of.

Frank X Panico has created a pro-life film entitled “3000 a day”http://xsintheskyfilms.com/


Frank Panico has been featured in numerous publications and his films have been endorsed by Christians in The Media, The Stuart News and The Walk TV.

Most recently, Better Living and Marketplace St. Lucie Magazine, featured an article about Frank and his company. Xs in the Sky Films is becoming more popular and known in the Treasure Coast area. Frank Panico, the engine behind the production company, is finding inspiration from local people, places of worship and through his daily relationship with God.

In a recent interview, Mr. Panico states, “The closer one draws to God the more beautiful, unique and perceptive one becomes”. Although Xs in the Sky Films focuses on faith-based films, they are open to other morally correct productions as well.  We have been blessed and found distribution for our films with Christian Cinema, Amazon Plus, Amazon Prime, Half Ticket TV and Cloud Walker, but we are still open to other distribution outlets. 


Born and raised in Queens New York, Frank Panico was exposed to an array of arts and cultures that shaped and molded an already inquisitive mind fueled by a fervent imagination. Through those experiences, a well-rounded individual emerged with exceptional interpersonal skills and a desire to explore the world through film.

At the age of 24, Frank relocated to Hollywood California to pursue a career in the film industry.  It is here that Frank studied under the tutelage of Michel C. Conley, a member of the California Scholastic Press. Panico became skilled in the art of writing feature film screenplays and eventually obtained a position as assistant to Gary D. Roberts, Executive Vice President of 20th Century Fox Films Legal Group.  Some of the valuable qualities that Panico acquired include the correct way to approach production companies with his material, all legal matters related to the entertainment business and the sharpening of his marketing skills.

Frank relocated to Florida in 2005. Currently, he writes, directs, films and produces his own original material. Soon after launch in 2010, Panico and his production company, Xs in the Sky Films, received rave reviews and recognition from The Stuart News, Saint Lucie Magazine, and Vero’s Voice.

His first film, “Lambs Among Wolves,” was picked up and aired on The Walk TV and received a nomination at The Treasure Coast International Film Festival. Panico’s second film, “A Different Kind of Church,” garnered distribution on Amazon Prime and Christian Cinema. Furthermore, while working for Light of the World Charities in Palm City, Florida as a Public Relations and Marketing Consultant, Panico completed his next film, “Moved With Compassion,” a film that encompasses all aspects of this remarkable charity which provides medical and dental needs to poverty-stricken individuals in the US and abroad.

His following documentary film, “3000 A Day” exposes the daily realities of abortion. It received a nomination and has aired on television. His fifth film, My Friend Raymond, is now nominated for The International Christian Film Festival for two awards in the categories of Most Creative Documentary and Most Inspiring Documentary. It tells a compelling story of a handicapped man and supernatural events that surround his life.

Comments from Frank:

Thank you Melanie for breathing confidence and hope to my plight to save the unborn, and my attempt to make films that God would be proud of.
I am trying to arrange another free screening of the film here in Stuart FL, and people could donate if they want. I’ll be giving 80% of money gathered back to the pro-life organization or church that holds the screening, and keeping 20% to further my attempt in making a living filming morally correct films that spread the word of God. Peace, Love, and Strength of Jesus Christ be with you and your family!

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