The Great Adventure Catholic Bible

Discover that the Bible is not a collection of unrelated books, but one story.

When I was asked to review The Great Adventure Catholic Bible, I had no idea what I could possibly say about yet another version of Sacred Scripture. However, Ascension press managed to surprise me from the moment I received my copy. I had to laugh as I worked my through the weatherproof outer layer, not one but two boxes, and bubble wrap before I could lift the lid off a third box, a protective dust cover. Ascension Press ships this Revised Standard Version/Second Catholic Edition as if it is a precious gem, as they should.

I immediately fell in love with this beautiful book. Every detail entices me to open it once more by appealing to my senses … the look of the cover with the title stamped right into it, the smell of the leather, the feel of the satin-smooth pages, the colourful tabs, beautiful maps, even the deep red and gold ribbon markers.


The Setup of the Bible

Of course, the word of God nourishes my inner spirit but The Great Adventure Bible also stimulates my intellect with twelve articles which give a summary of each period of biblical history. Another seven articles explain major covenants as God slowly reveals His plan of salvation for His people. The entire setup of this Bible helps readers discover that the Holy Bible is not a collection of unrelated books but actually one story.

There are sixteen maps and numerous charts to help readers understand Sacred Scripture. A colour-coded thumb index indicates where each book belongs in the timeline. This timeline is simply a visual overview of the Bible, including important characters, key events, geography, major covenants, world rulers, and contemporary events in secular history.

The The Great Adventure Catholic Bible should be treasured, not as a coffee-table ornament gathering dust, but as a treasured holy book to be read and studied and digested over and over again, every day.

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