Trying to Look at Christ Before I Sink

As I struggle to surrender a family crisis to God, I find myself getting caught in the weeds.  My swirling thoughts ensnare me and pull me down under the waves of this storm as I replay conversations over and over again in my mind. I start to sink.

I have tried to be faithful to God. I had set out in a boat just like Jesus told me to do but now the boat is breaking up, surrounded by a creeping blackness which is seeping into my little boat. I feel betrayed, full of fear as I shout, “But you told me to come out here!” Somehow Christ manages to break through my panic and says, “Come, walk on the water with me”, just like He told Peter.


Jesus invites Peter to join Him by merely saying, “Come.”

Without hesitation, Peter gets out of the boat and walks on the water. WOW.

Peter actually walks on the water.

Nobody talks about that shining few seconds of miraculous faith.  Peter actually walked on water even if it was only for a few moments. I feel I have also walked on water, until now.

Of course, when Peter takes his eyes off his Saviour and actually looks at the wind, the reality of his situation hits him and he begins to sink.

Yet Peter does not get any sympathy or even any praise for having actually walked on water, albeit it, only for a few steps. Nope. Jesus is quite harsh, “O man of little faith, why did you doubt?”

Look at Christ

So, why is Jesus so stern with Peter?

It is because this story will illustrate, for future Christians, our basic walk with God. We are called to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, our sole Saviour and Redeemer. We can’t do anything on our own strength.

No matter what our circumstances are, when our eyes are fixed on our Lord, anything and everything is possible. This is the normal Christian life. It is not for a select few. Jesus expects us to walk on water with him, daily.

I can’t let the weeds pull me under. I must look at Christ constantly because I can’t do it on my own. When I manage only a quick look at Christ, He lifts me up, swipes the weeds out of my mind with blinding light and touches my heart with joy. Of course, I sink, often within hours but this crisis is an opportunity to grow closer to God.

I will thank and praise God in all circumstances, trusting He knows what He is doing and He is in control.

connecting with theology is a verb

Yongsung Kim

7 thoughts on “Trying to Look at Christ Before I Sink

  1. The past few days, God has been gently reminding me to hope on. I’m not under the waves yet, but I can feel the water closing in slowly sometimes. I know we have to keep our eyes on Him. It’s not easy but that is the meaning of Christian hope.

    I will hold you close in prayer, Melanie.

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