15 thoughts on “Photo Peek into Life on a Hobby Farm

  1. …sounds reasonable. My daughter has five boys. She used to tell me that she wanted to have 13 children. When I reminded her of those heady days of youthful enthusiasm, she said…”You must be remembering someone else…”….I am blessed with two beautiful children. happy and healthy, but there’s a part of me that gets wistful when I see the more and the merrier!! ….Mary


  2. Indeed He does! I have no balance, more gravity than center, and a double twist in my spine and the heart of an ice dancer. At least I know how I’ll be spending my life-everlasting!

    I am surprised we’ve not met till now but I am happy to have made your acquaintance. It seems to me some time ago I may have sailed past an article of yours without stopping for long. Elena Maria Vidal from the blog Tea at Trianon may have posted something from you. At any rate, your Joy was familiar when I got here. Or maybe a carmelitemom sent me.

    At any rate I haunt the Internet-waves as an eastern Catholic among the Orthodox so it is a parallel track, which has finally intersected to my intense pleasure. The photos above could have been taken from my own childhood with as many critters and fewer children. So I am most grateful to you!



  3. I am pleased as well.

    I have just recently discovered icons again. Also My paternal grandmother, who died tragicall in her twenties, was Ukrainian Catholic. My prayer life for her is a long story, needless to say my director senses that I should aquaint myself With the ukrainian Orthodox.

    my Catholic blog is melaniejeanjuneau,wordpress.com



  4. Such a sweet, nice family and farm! I also have ukrainian roots from Lvov and Kamieniec Podolski ( near the border with Romania). Hard to say they were Polish or Ukrainian but rather Catholic. I live in Poland and here is easy to meet some Orthodoxy art and churches (in eastern Poland).
    My Godmother was white Russian ( not communist) from Sankt- Petersburg, she was a refugee in 1917 and also I had an Aunt, who was from Belarus and was a daughter of a orthodox priest 🙂

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    1. In the last year, I have realized how deeply we are influenced by our roots, even if our modern minds do not fully grasp this reality0 we inherit much more than simply physical and character traits from our ancestors


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