A Mother’s Paradigm Shift

Babies might be tiny but they NEED a lot of undivided attention. Even though I was an acrobatic, multi- tasker, my new role as a mother forced me to evolve and adapt. Once I became a mother, I suddenly found that I had to devote 12 to 14 hours per day solely to nursing, burping,…… Continue reading A Mother’s Paradigm Shift

Spiritual Freedom

A sunrise. The light of truth dispels the darkness of confusion. Many traditionalists believe that church culture is the same as basic tenets of the faith. Challenging custom is then synonymous with challenging the faith. They are always right. As jean Vanier ( founder of L’Arche) once said, “You can be right. You can be dead right…… Continue reading Spiritual Freedom

7 Quick Takes Friday

My name is Melanie JEAN Juneau on the web because there happens to be a Melanie Birthing Centre in Juneau, Alaska!! Google finds this similarity much too confusing, so it is Melanie Jean Juneau, which makes me seem like a southern belle. In reality, I am a tiny but hardy Canadian.   2. I have raised 9 children on… Continue reading 7 Quick Takes Friday

The Communion of Saints

I  don’t want to argue theology with sisters who are Protestant, I just want to encourage other women with the thought that there are  tens, hundreds, why maybe thousands of sisters, most of whom we will never meet, who pray for us. The Holy Spirit is  my companion but in His Body, He has gifted me with many other faithful companions…… Continue reading The Communion of Saints

Joyful Chaos

One afternoon an acquaintance stopped by for a cup of tea with two preschool children in tow. At first she was very nervous and jumping up at every disturbance she heard as the kids played. Trying to soothe her nerves I explained, “Relax and let them have fun; anything that could be broken probably is and…… Continue reading Joyful Chaos

Child’s Play: A Theological Debate

  A debate between two pre-schoolers “Someone just called my name. I think it was God!” It was early evening. We often played musical beds at bedtime because the younger children liked the security of a sibling or two falling asleep with them, especially when older brothers and sisters were still up and having fun. So…… Continue reading Child’s Play: A Theological Debate

Sunday Snippets

Please join me and other Catholic bloggers at RAnn’s–http://rannthisthat.blogspot.ca/2012/11/sunday-snippets-catholic-carnival.html for Sunday Snippets, where we share our posts from the previous week Mystery of  Suffering–https://melaniejeanjuneau.wordpress.com/2012/11/01/456/ Unless You Become Like Little Children–https://melaniejeanjuneau.wordpress.com/2012/11/03/unless-you-become-like-little-children/