The Common Sense Approach To Childbirth

  My Doctor celebrated each birth with joy. “Good. The head nurse is on coffee break .”  Our family doctor and my obstetrician, had warned us to come into town immediately with my first labour pains. My eighth child was going to come quickly . Dr. H met me outside the hospital, helped me out…… Continue reading The Common Sense Approach To Childbirth

Let us Read to A Child

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.” Seuss embraced the life of the imagination and detested staid adults who dismissed the whimsical, “Adults are just obsolete children and the hell with them.” ― Dr. Seuss     These quotations From Dr. Seuss hardly need an introduction. Any…… Continue reading Let us Read to A Child

Letting My Readers Connect With Me

  I am a passionate gardener.   I read an article encouraging writers to reveal odd facts about themselves so that their readers could become acquainted with the person behind the articles. 1. I HATE scary movies. As soon as the music rises ominously, I start pacing. Once in a movie theatre, at The Lord of…… Continue reading Letting My Readers Connect With Me

The Sly Fox and the Traumatized Chicken

<!– Email –>     Red was very adept at snatching chickens   We all marvelled at the fox’s audacity because this episode occurred in broad daylight   The sly fox. No words better describe our intelligent, resident fox. Red consistently fooled our dumb guard dog by laying his foxy scent in pointless circles. He…… Continue reading The Sly Fox and the Traumatized Chicken

Humour + Faith Stops Mental Kung-Fu

Your mind can be peaceful and calm as this lake Quotes on my fridge that cut worry off at the knees. Thomas Merton, a Trappist monk and prolific writer, was once asked how you could tell if a person had gone through inner transformation and could say with St. Paul, “no longer I that lives but Christ…… Continue reading Humour + Faith Stops Mental Kung-Fu

Spiritual Freedom: When We no Longer Need To PROVE That We Are Right

 Many traditionalists believe that church culture is the same as basic tenets of the faith. Challenging custom is then synonymous with challenging the faith. They are always right. As jean Vanier ( founder of L’Arche) once said, “You can be right. You can be dead right and bring death to all those around you.” A young woman,…… Continue reading Spiritual Freedom: When We no Longer Need To PROVE That We Are Right

I’m Batman Foevaaa

Anthony wore his costume everywhere Anthony’s outfit was my little guy’s salute to his three heroes- Batman, Zorro and the Canadian Mounted Police. Anthony, my second youngest, had a marvellous imagination, creating dramatic play scenarios like intense sword fights with invisible villains. By the time he was two and a half, he insisted on wearing…… Continue reading I’m Batman Foevaaa