I’m Batman Foevaaa

Anthony wore his costume everywhere Anthony’s outfit was my little guy’s salute to his three heroes- Batman, Zorro and the Canadian Mounted Police. Anthony, my second youngest, had a marvellous imagination, creating dramatic play scenarios like intense sword fights with invisible villains. By the time he was two and a half, he insisted on wearing…… Continue reading I’m Batman Foevaaa

Raccoons Blew The Transformer, The Dog Ate The Turkey ….

    Do you have any idea the trouble that farm animals can get into? Every single time Michael, my husband, attends a conference or leaves for a long weekend, something goes wrong on our hobby farm. Just two months ago, my husband was gone for two weeks and a total of ten accidents and catastrophes…… Continue reading Raccoons Blew The Transformer, The Dog Ate The Turkey ….

Playing God

I am wired to function emotionally just like a vacuum cleaner,sucking up all my children’s pain. Likewise, my children are compassionate vacuum cleaners as well, who attract other people’s negative emotions. They are all aware that they learned this dysfunctional behaviour not only from observing Michael and me in action but also because they have inherited this trait from…… Continue reading Playing God

A Theological Debate: Child’s Play

 A debate between two pre-schoolers “Someone just called my name. I think it was God!” It was early evening. We often played musical beds at bedtime because the younger children liked the security of a sibling or two falling asleep with them, especially when older brothers and sisters were still up and having fun. So…… Continue reading A Theological Debate: Child’s Play

My Baby EATS Dogfood?!

the baby crawling cruiser The pivotal point, where Anthony’s crawling speed accelerated dramatically, was when he discovered the bowl of dog food. Life was especially chaotic after the birth of our eighth and ninth children because everyone was still fourteen and under. It was difficult to keep a sharp eye out for my new bundle…… Continue reading My Baby EATS Dogfood?!

The Terrible Twos

Credit: family friend Suddenly my passive baby mutated into a travelling disaster This run-about-baby’s exploits are simply legendary. The terrible twos. Do those words send shivers down your spine like they do mine? Those two little words evoke many awful and amusing scenarios but the most dramatic usually involved my fourth child, David. As a…… Continue reading The Terrible Twos

Socks Need To Be Paired! Or Do They?

Credit: family 11 people wear 22 socks/day x 7 days = 154 individual socks/ week Socks Need To Be Paired? Or do they?This was the brilliant question I asked myself. The only thing that will kill you as a mother of a large family is pairing socks. There are solutions. Some are outrageous. For example, I…… Continue reading Socks Need To Be Paired! Or Do They?

Why Did You Have So Many Kids?

my oldest daughter is ducking behind her dad and I am pregnant with our ninth child The very existence of a joyful mother of nine children seems to confound people. When the words The Joy Of Mothering popped into my head as a title for my short stories it was like an epiphany for me because…… Continue reading Why Did You Have So Many Kids?

Exploding Cow Pies

Credit: our family he lit firecrackers and placed them in the middle of manure plops What did this fun-loving father do to amuse the throng of children who surrounded him? We expect playful pranks from boys in their early teens because they delight in stretching the boundaries. Firecrackers offer many exciting possibilities to a creative…… Continue reading Exploding Cow Pies

Canadian Loved Obama’s Speech

Credit: daughter Obama’s speeches are a bright light shining from the States. I am an outsider, a Canadian, who rarely watches T.V. but perhaps this gives me a fresh perspective on Obama’s speech. I usually write in the family section but I disagreed so strongly with a recent post on the American President that I…… Continue reading Canadian Loved Obama’s Speech

Want To Be Happy?: Take off your dung coloured glasses!

I received free cognitive therapy because I was surrounded by a crew of little people who greeted each morning with wonder and awe. The fleeting dream that eludes many of us is happiness. We are running around, miserable in our insular little worlds, only catching glimpses of the world around us through dung coloured glasses.The solution…… Continue reading Want To Be Happy?: Take off your dung coloured glasses!

Eco-Friendly Grass Trimmers

Guinea pigs are called PIGS for a very good reason. No able-bodied human or animal would live in my house without contributing in some way to our household Our pet guinea pig pushed his luck one day when I discovered why Guinea pigs are called PIGS. It is because they eat just like real pigs…… Continue reading Eco-Friendly Grass Trimmers

Ingenuity And Creativity: Birthed In Boredom

  Relax, bored kids never stay bored for long The modern trend to enroll children in as many after school activities as possible is ruining the next generation. Contrary to popular opinion, children thrive when they are given ample unscheduled play time. Free time to explore, use their imaginations to amuse themselves and even time to be…… Continue reading Ingenuity And Creativity: Birthed In Boredom

A Good Irish Wake For A Good Irish Man

humour , wake , children entertain neighbours Credit: my daughter Cecil had been intrigued by our children’s creativity. Everyone spoke up and added their favourite memories of Cecil Foley and the quirky Juneaus Everyone else had left the funeral home as Cecil’s family and mine shared another amusing memory and laughed together. I had broken…… Continue reading A Good Irish Wake For A Good Irish Man

A Five-Year-Old Theologian

As David waited expectantly for my wise answer, I scrambled to think quickly but truthfully. I was preparing dinner one afternoon, when five-year old David came running up to me with a serious look on his face. He was always full of energy and mischief but he also had a delightful spirituality that was not…… Continue reading A Five-Year-Old Theologian

Are You Afraid Of Babies?Become A Baby Whisperer.

Horse whisperers read a horse’s cues and respond in a way that the horse understands,using body language and voice tones. Baby whisperers relate to infants in a similar manner,.     infants are complex little people who see, hear, touch, communicate, receive information and who above all, remember   It is not hard to become…… Continue reading Are You Afraid Of Babies?Become A Baby Whisperer.

Pre-Natal Memories

Do you remember when you were in mummy’s tummy? A young child, who knows enough words to communicate can describe their life in the womb The day Melissa turned two, her godmother dropped by to celebrate her birthday. Since Melissa was very articulate for her age, her godmother wanted to try an experiment she had…… Continue reading Pre-Natal Memories

Try Reading Swirling, Vibrating Words

Published in BrooWaha Nation   Quite by accident, we discovered why our 11 year old son could not read 10-13% of the population has Iren Syndrome or SSS (Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome) and are functionally illiterate, most are never diagnosed. I was gathering books to return to friends one day when the book Reading by Colors by…… Continue reading Try Reading Swirling, Vibrating Words

I Was An Enigma To My Obstetrician

 Credit: me Quit bringing your beautiful children to my office; someone always wants a reversal afterwards.   My obstetrician was a brilliant, strong feminist who did not have any children of her own, although she did have tropical fish and a parrot. I was an enigma to her as she was to me. , After…… Continue reading I Was An Enigma To My Obstetrician

Prayer Means Never Having To Say Good-bye

Whether we are cognizant of the fact or not, we are connected to God and each other Our whispered hello to God and each other is called prayer. I am not just reciting theology when I remind you that there is neither time nor distance when we live and move and breath in the Spirit.…… Continue reading Prayer Means Never Having To Say Good-bye