13 thoughts on “Stained Glass

  1. Where is everybody? 706 followers and not one of them care to like and/or comment?

    Please, those stain glasses are really safe and inspiring and won’t shatter and hurt anyone.

    Come and behold . . . . .

    Oh Melanie, my SoundEagle wings are really dwarfed by those of the angels . . . .


  2. I’m new here; (I came by way of Rich Maffeo’s “Contemplative Catholic Convert”). I love all of the stained glass, and your blog is delightful!


  3. Sainte Chapelle is on of the most amazing places I have ever been. I actually enjoyed it way more than Notre Dame when I was in Paris. Truly awe-inspiring!


    1. And your blog is lovely! I love how Catholic it is, you’ve incorporated the beauty of sacred art so well into your site.


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