Using Brand-Name Equipment: The Trinity

As Christians, the single most important thing that we know about God is that God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—the Trinity. Our contemporary understanding of a mystery is very different than the biblical understanding of mystery. Today, we think of a mystery as something to solve. In the Bible, a mystery is not something…… Continue reading Using Brand-Name Equipment: The Trinity

GOD Reveals; We Simply Respond: LawnChair Catechism

As Christians, our lives revolve around God and not the other way around. He reveals himself to us and we respond. When we recognize that it’s not all about us, we begin to develop a spirit of humility.  Believing in revelation means that we are to be aware and responsive to God’s initiative.  .Decades ago, I ranted and raved…… Continue reading GOD Reveals; We Simply Respond: LawnChair Catechism