Advent Wreath Linkup

Our Advent Wreath this year is a not actually a wreath at all but  simply a pile of  cedar branches, encircling  four Advent candles with a simple carving of Mary praying, carved by a dear friend. A bit unusual but fitting because Advent is a time of waiting in prayer and in simplicity for the coming of Christ, the Light of the World. ADVENT PRAYER  … Continue reading Advent Wreath Linkup

7QT Friday: On Being Pregnant During Advent

# 1. Advent is a special time for pregnant women; two of my pregnancies were during Advent. One baby was born on Christmas Eve and my youngest on Jan. 7, still in the Christmas season. We had just moved to our farm 19 years ago and the children attended a small Catholic school with 10 grades from junior kindergarten to grade 8. The  priest asked … Continue reading 7QT Friday: On Being Pregnant During Advent

Advent Wreath Prayers

There is no better way to prepare our hearts to receive Christ than to light the candles of the Advent wreath every evening in the weeks leading up to Christmas.The Catholic Church understand the power of symbols and the physical act of lighting candles and saying short prayers really does open our spiritual selves to the real Light of the World, Christ. [On the Saturday before the … Continue reading Advent Wreath Prayers

Keep Christ in Christmas: Waiting in Expectation Like a Child

“I assure you,” He said, “unless you are converted and become like children, , you will never get into the kingdom of heaven…” Matthew 18:4 Advent is a time of waiting, waiting in the dark, In Canada, it is cold and in  Greenbush, the snow is falling straight down in huge flakes which absorb sound waves and intensifies the silence of our country home. A deep silence combined with a thick covering of white, clinging to … Continue reading Keep Christ in Christmas: Waiting in Expectation Like a Child