Ash Wednesday: What Does God REALLY Want?

In these first days of Lent, the Church shows us exactly how God wants us to pray, fast, serve His people and worship Him. The words from Isaiah 58:1-9 are like brilliant beams of light, cutting through any false notions we might have about this season of repentance that we call Lent. Often we tend to…… Continue reading Ash Wednesday: What Does God REALLY Want?

7 Quick Takes Friday

 It’s time to connect with other Catholic bloggers over at Jen’s It is Lent, the time to draw closer to God, to open the door to our heart . As we focus on the voice of God, we begin to hear His whispers and His desire to love us and communicate with us.  We stand…… Continue reading 7 Quick Takes Friday

Keeping Love in Lent

“Are you feeling pressured to have your holiest, sacrifice and prayer-filled Lenten Journey this year? Do you ever find that you start out on Ash Wednesday with ashes on your forehead and so many sacrifice and prayer resolutions, but get discouraged by the second week because you can’t stick to them all? How about focusing…… Continue reading Keeping Love in Lent