7QT Friday

I have had someone in the Catholic School System for 29 years.!!! That’s right with nine kids, 15 years apart, the oldest started junior kindergarten 29 years ago! Tomorrow is the last day of exams for my  daughter who is in grade 12. It is hard to believe that it is the end of grade school…… Continue reading 7QT Friday

Atheists: Made in God’s Image?

Pope Francis has been in office for just over 100 days. Nearly every day this charismatic man delights us with his actions and words, filling our hearts with hope, hope for the magisterium of the Church, hope for all Catholics but most of all hope for our modern world. His very countenance radiates authenticity, kindness,…… Continue reading Atheists: Made in God’s Image?

Why are there more atheists than theists on line?

God is hard to pin down This is an interesting conversation, my first and perhaps last on Quora . It is an exercise in futility really but I found myself verbalizing a few points about faith that many don’t understand. Question Why are there more atheists than theists online?In any census I’ve seen atheists, agnostic  non-theists…… Continue reading Why are there more atheists than theists on line?