#LoveRebelMom and Blogger Melanie Jean Juneau

Melanie Jean Juneau is a fellow Catholic mum blogger whom I’ve only met via email. She’s one of the contributors of Love Rebel: Reclaiming Motherhood. Among the five of us who wrote the anthology, she has the most kids and also the oldest kids. I’ve appreciated her wisdom and advice, as a “veteran mum,” both…… Continue reading #LoveRebelMom and Blogger Melanie Jean Juneau

Charity: Bloggers Helping Bloggers

I have often begged for  help during my first year on the internet.  I barely understand 21st century technology and the instructions on the web assume that you have a basic understanding of their dialect.  Other writers always answer my how to questions.  More importantly, fellow bloggers comment on articles and promote my blog without expecting anything…… Continue reading Charity: Bloggers Helping Bloggers