Catholic and Living it!

                                                         As the temperatures start dropping, with frost warnings beginning in Canada this post is in celebration of the natural beauty which surrounds us. For me gardening lifts…… Continue reading Catholic and Living it!

A Catholic Almanac : Written on Canada Day!

Catholic Woman’s Almanac {CWA} Gratitude It is Canada Day this wonderful Monday, July 1 I am so grateful that we live in a free country. As our Anthem says,  “True North strong and free” I understand this phrase to be a prayer, proclaiming that we desire to be in the light of God, in truth.…… Continue reading A Catholic Almanac : Written on Canada Day!

7QT Friday

Welcome back to our moderator Jennifer at ConversionDiary. I am relatively new and just discovered that she has hosted this online gathering for 5 years, hardly ever missing a Friday. WOW! Speaking about moderators,  Monica McConkey at Equipping Catholic Families, helped  format a badge for me for Catholic Bloggers Network. I love it. This week I have…… Continue reading 7QT Friday

Terribly Awful= Absurdly Funny

Every single time Michael, my husband, attends a conference or leaves for a long weekend, something goes wrong on our hobby farm. Just two months ago, my husband was gone for two weeks and a total of ten accidents and catastrophes occurred. All my kids are well aware of this pattern of disasters. As I…… Continue reading Terribly Awful= Absurdly Funny