The JOY of Mothering Nine9 Children

I wanted to be a missionary when I was in my early twenties and was not interested even in dating at university. Suddenly, in a space of a few hours I knew God’s call was marriage;  His presence was so strong, I received an inner image of Jesus’s hand on Michael’s and my heads.I was disappointed but… Continue reading The JOY of Mothering Nine9 Children

7QT Fridays

hosted by Jenny at Conversion Diaries Thoughts on mothering in Christ. children are open to the Spirit in a simple and natural way   Children are like sponges; they absorb values, attitudes, culture and spirituality simply through osmosis. However, it goes deeper than that. Children’s spirituality is not simply taught, it rises from within as…… Continue reading 7QT Fridays


Sat, 02/23/2013 – 20:26 — Paul Cody Imagine Sharing and Cherishing the LOVE of 9 children raised on a Hobby Farm in southern Ontario, Canada ! When people look at Melanie Jean Juneau their eyebrows shoot up, their mouths drop open and they sputter, ”YOU had 9 children?? This is because she is 5’ 1” and weigh

Newborn, Unborn: People,Simply LITTLE People

They are all people: in utero newborn infant baby toddler People Albeit little people Still they are people With Dignity Not an it Not simply a part of the mother’s body Not owned by the mother Not reflections of mum’s ego Not characters to fulfil unfulfilled dreams and ambitions. Children Toddlers  Babies unique definite personalities…… Continue reading Newborn, Unborn: People,Simply LITTLE People

Who Needs a Teddy Bear When You’ve Got a Teddy Baby?

There is something about a baby’s open, trusting gaze that literally draws love from us. A newborn can see clearly to about 8″, just far enough to focus intently on his mother’s face. It is almost as if the initiative to bond comes from the baby first, especially when I consider the fierce hand grip…… Continue reading Who Needs a Teddy Bear When You’ve Got a Teddy Baby?

Joyful Chaos

One afternoon an acquaintance stopped by for a cup of tea with two preschool children in tow. At first she was very nervous and jumping up at every disturbance she heard as the kids played. Trying to soothe her nerves I explained, “Relax and let them have fun; anything that could be broken probably is and…… Continue reading Joyful Chaos