How To Win the War Against Sin

Every human being is basically blind to their own faults and sin. There are many reasons we cannot seem to die to self and enjoy communion with God – psychological reasons, inherited sin, pride, the tendency to control and other self-defeating behaviours. However, I think the biggest barrier to receiving the Love of God is…… Continue reading How To Win the War Against Sin

Art of the Ressurection

Catholics are more focused on the Passion than on Pentecost while Pentecostals are more focused on, well, the Resurrection and Pentecost. Although we are in a Liturgical season of joy, there are still more pins of the Crucified Christ than of the Resurrected Christ on Pinterest’s Catholic sites. When people think of a Catholic saint, the…… Continue reading Art of the Ressurection

Refusing to Play Games

I do not want to die, only to discover I was playing society’s games, games which were dependant on the time and place I was born, rules which changed constantly.  I do not want to be so caught up in work, business, squabbles about doctrine and ritual, that I lose sight of Truth. How devastating…… Continue reading Refusing to Play Games


Ah, we love to make fun of those in love, the young and the naive who view the world through rose-colored glasses.  But what about the rest of us, those of us who wear dung-colored glasses? We should chuckle just as loudly when we realize this tendency to see darkly. When I am miserable, nothing,…… Continue reading DUNG-COLOURED GLASSES

The Catholic Prayer of Silence

The words prayer and contemplation intimidate many people but the reality is that prayer is simple, so simple that it eludes many adults, Relax. Be Quiet. Breathe in Deeply. Enjoy the silence. Connect and listen. Sometimes we need to simply cease our activity, live in the moment and breathe. This is reality. When the Spirit…… Continue reading The Catholic Prayer of Silence

7QT Friday: If Love is our True Destiny

Again, just like yesterday, the Church reminds us that Jesus was born as an infant to bring man back to the heart of God. So she chooses honour the man called  the Beloved Disciple today during the Christmas season. St. John the Evangelist,  John in Hebrew, Yôḥānān, means “Yahweh is gracious”. If Love is our true destiny,…… Continue reading 7QT Friday: If Love is our True Destiny