Art of the Ressurection

Catholics are more focused on the Passion than on Pentecost while Pentecostals are more focused on, well, the Resurrection and Pentecost. Although we are in a Liturgical season of joy, there are still more pins of the Crucified Christ than of the Resurrected Christ on Pinterest’s Catholic sites. When people think of a Catholic saint, the…… Continue reading Art of the Ressurection

Yongsung Kim: Powerful, Evocative Art

spiritually powerful art “This art work by Yongsung Kim is remarkable! I can see his faith transmitted onto canvas through his delicate brush strokes and selective views of Christ and His life among us. Thank you for find this and sharing it Melanie Jean Juneau. God bless you!” Mary FredalKing of love / oil on…… Continue reading Yongsung Kim: Powerful, Evocative Art