Worth Revisiting: A Parable of Society

Throw a frog into a pot of boiling water, He will jump right out. Throw the same frog into a pot of cool water, Slowly raise the heat- He will stay in and cook to death. + Throw a Catholic into a pagan environment He will see the lies and ambiguities clearly. Throw a Christian into a…… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: A Parable of Society

Lawn Chair Catechism: Openness

 Session 8: The Third Threshold: Openness When I speak with someone who is curious about the faith, I realize my revelations about the spiritual life in the Mystical Body of Christ are like speaking about a foreign country. Psychologically speaking, a person needs to hear a completely new concept at least three times before it…… Continue reading Lawn Chair Catechism: Openness

7QT: Are You an Octopus Parent?

7 Quick Takes Friday with Jenny at Conversion Diary  A major pitfall facing all committed Christian mothers, especially a home school mum is letting go of control of our children’s spirituality and inner healing so that Christ has a chance to save, heal, and sanctify them. Over zealous mothers get in God’s way. Trust me.…… Continue reading 7QT: Are You an Octopus Parent?

Not What WE Want

Man finds it hard to get what he wants, because he does not want the best; God finds it hard to give,    because He would give the best,                                              and man will not take…… Continue reading Not What WE Want

Charity: Bloggers Helping Bloggers

I have often begged for  help during my first year on the internet.  I barely understand 21st century technology and the instructions on the web assume that you have a basic understanding of their dialect.  Other writers always answer my how to questions.  More importantly, fellow bloggers comment on articles and promote my blog without expecting anything…… Continue reading Charity: Bloggers Helping Bloggers