Without Mary

Without Mary we do not really understand what it means to be a disciple, a member of his Church. Without Mary we do not really understand what it means to be a human person. Without Mary we do not really understand what it means to be a creature. And because of all that, Without Mary…… Continue reading Without Mary

Vote For Me

It’s time to vote for the 2013 Frankie Award! Don’t forget to invite you readers (and friends and family, and fan club) to visit this page and vote for you. Feel free to copy the badge above and link back here from your blog. My post is Mary is Living in my Heart? Help! by Melanie Jean…… Continue reading Vote For Me

Sabbath Moments – Spiritual Communion

Sabbath moments are a way of taking time to rest in God, to enjoy God in silence or in nature. The word sabbath comes from a Hebrew word meaning “cease.” And that is what we need to do sometimes, cease our activity and live in the moment and breathe in God.  I  am learning to…… Continue reading Sabbath Moments – Spiritual Communion

Small Success Thursday: Not A Sweet, Pious Story

Let’s celebrate our successes and support one another. Share your small successes and cheer for the others! The success, that I want to share with this group this week affects every aspect of my day-to-day routine.  I am not speaking theoretically or expounding on tradition, nor is this account some sweet,  pious story; my experience…… Continue reading Small Success Thursday: Not A Sweet, Pious Story

Criticism of Pope Francis? Seriously?

This post is written in response to an article (The Head-Slapping Criticism of Pope Francis) written by Stacy Trasancos in the Catholic Free Press. In it she reminds the Body of Christ to stop publicly slapping the Head of the Church. The criticism coming from the self-identified “loyal opposition” Catholics in the media who feel obliged to fraternally…… Continue reading Criticism of Pope Francis? Seriously?

Sunday Snippets – October 6

 Sunday Snippets – October 6  join me and other Catholic bloggers at RAnn’s Place for Sunday Snippets, where we share posts from the previous week. Here are my two posts: Nurturing Your Baby Before Birth https://melaniejeanjuneau.wordpress.com/2012/10/02/nurturing-your-baby-before-birth/ What Does Jesus Do With Ghosts? https://melaniejeanjuneau.wordpress.com/2012/10/04/what-does-jesus-do-with-ghosts/