7QT Friday: Author and Journalist?

7 Quick Takes Friday, “What day is it again?” edition This week has changed me. God has blessed me through other writers and authors by promoting and encouraging my writing and by finally setting me on the right track for the book I am to write. All of a sudden something clicked inside of me. It…… Continue reading 7QT Friday: Author and Journalist?

Child’s Play: A Theological Debate

  A debate between two pre-schoolers “Someone just called my name. I think it was God!” It was early evening. We often played musical beds at bedtime because the younger children liked the security of a sibling or two falling asleep with them, especially when older brothers and sisters were still up and having fun. So…… Continue reading Child’s Play: A Theological Debate

“How Much Longer, Lord, How Much Longer?”

Teenagers love to drive parents crazy Living through teenage drama without loosing your sanity  One of my sons , in his early teens, had just announced that he could not stand living under our roof another minute, “I’m out of here!”, he bellowed, “and don’t expect me to come back!” The door slammed and he…… Continue reading “How Much Longer, Lord, How Much Longer?”