My husband and I discovered how to build relationships with our children and encourage their relationship to God  through a combination of the grace of God, parental intuition and perhaps a dash of sheer luck. In order to nurture authentic Catholic family life, we learned that we had to first nurture our own intimacy with…… Continue reading OUR HOME: A FLEXIBLE TABERNACLE

Isolation and Fellowship

Lawn Chair Catechism: Expect Conversion For discussion: In your own faith: Have you ever felt isolated in your quest to follow Jesus? What are ways you have built a community of spiritual companions? In your parish: You’ve put a lot of energy over the course of this study into learning about the need for evangelization and…… Continue reading Isolation and Fellowship

Mummy Drivel

I have become aware of a writing flaw, an annoying self-righteous, ego centric point of view, often found on mother’s blogs called Mummy Drivel. Mummy Drivel: definition Constant analysis of  how to become a better mother combined with a narrow focus on self and one’s children to the exclusion of any other topic. Similar to other…… Continue reading Mummy Drivel