Trusting and Resting in the Tradition of the Church

As a young university student who was looking into the Catholic Church, I was confused because I had been taught to believe God’s revelations were confined to the Bible. I was surprised to learn the Bible itself urges us to follow oral traditions: So then, brethren, stand firm and hold to the traditions which you…… Continue reading Trusting and Resting in the Tradition of the Church

Catholics Must Encounter Jesus Christ

When Catholics venture beyond the walls of their parish church into the marketplace to evangelize, it is important that they remember the spiritual life cannot simply be taught to the unchurched because human persuasion alone will not convert anyone. Disciples of the living God are called to reveal His tangible Presence to those who are…… Continue reading Catholics Must Encounter Jesus Christ

Surprised by God: Into the Heart of the Church

My Conversion Story I am a convert. As a Protestant kid who went to Sunday School from 3-years-old to my teenage years, I grew up on the stories of Jesus, singing songs about His love and memorizing Bible verses. I was a prayerful kid;  I sensed God was close to me even as a small…… Continue reading Surprised by God: Into the Heart of the Church

My Conversion Story

Christians are now dealing with a new obstacle to evangelism;  we can no longer assume people know stories in the Bible or the basic tenets of the faith. Perhaps this dearth of spirituality in modern culture will serve to drive desperate people to the feet of Christ but more than ever seekers need basic catechism…… Continue reading My Conversion Story

From the Hub to the Heart

I am pleased Ellen Gable Hrkach of Full Quiver Publishing asked me to be part of a book-launch blog tour for Andy LaVallee’s book, From the Hub to the Heart. His new book  tells of a journey from “fast living to living the fast”. Although I have not read it yet, I can’t wait because  the reviews are fantastic.…… Continue reading From the Hub to the Heart

A Seeker Discovers Truth in the Catholic Church

Once God reveals His Mother to you and puts a hunger in your heart for the Eucharist, there is nowhere to go but the Catholic Church Hunger still drives me to seek His Heart Only God could transform a frightened girl from a staunchly Calvinist Church into a  devoted Catholic who hungers for His presence in…… Continue reading A Seeker Discovers Truth in the Catholic Church

It is GOD Who Converts

My words alone will not convince an atheist. Yes, Catholics need theology and apologetics, but these disciplines will  not convert  anybody, because Christianity is not primarily a moral theology or a philosophy, but a relationship of love. By focusing upon the reality of  our Christian experiences as they truly are, Christ becomes a living Messiah not only…… Continue reading It is GOD Who Converts