Gospel Reflection: Healing

Today’s Gospel: Mark 5:21-43 Today’s gospel is familiar to most of us: the healing of Jairus’s daughter as well as the woman who suffered from a haemorrhage for twelve long years. As Jesus made His way to the house of Jairus, people pressed in on Him from every side, but only one woman touched Christ, drawing healing power from…… Continue reading Gospel Reflection: Healing

Catholic: And Living it!

Catholic and Living it!  is a new Link-up with Jennifer at Catholic Inspired. This is a link-up for any Catholic-centered posts. These would be posts that focus on Catholic decor, crafts, books, celebrations,  or any other Catholic centered thoughts or activities. The posts don’t need to be fancy; just thoughts and ideas for your fellow Catholics!…… Continue reading Catholic: And Living it!

If You Must Curse,Please Use Your Own Name. -GOD

How can one better magnify the Almighty than by sniggering with him at his little jokes, particularly the poorer ones.~ Samuel Becket Why is it that when we talk to God we’re said to be praying, but when God talks to us we’re schizophrenic? ~ Lily Tomlin Forgive, O Lord, my little jokes on Thee and…… Continue reading If You Must Curse,Please Use Your Own Name. -GOD

Desperate Hunger Energized My Curiosity: Lawn Chair Catechism

In your own faith: Can you remember when you became “curious” about the faith – whether as a convert, revert, or cradle Catholic just waking up to mature discipleship? How would you explain the difference between an active and passive faith? In your parish: If a newcomer walked into your parish today, curious about the…… Continue reading Desperate Hunger Energized My Curiosity: Lawn Chair Catechism

Catholic Woman’s Almanac {CWA}

Moments of Gratitude I love Canadian weather with its four distinct seasons. The sun is still warm in the afternoon and the morning frost seems to leave the air feeling crisp and clean. Although all the leaves have fallen, we are still surrounded by tall evergreen trees, with a stand of 30 pines along the creek.…… Continue reading Catholic Woman’s Almanac {CWA}

Build My Church

Words whispered in my heart. You think that you are building my Church With all your hectic activity. You are hindering my work. All I want, All I need, Is for you to Come and stand At the foot of my Son’s Cross. Let the fire of His Love Pierce your Heart, Transforming you into…… Continue reading Build My Church

“But Jesus is in There!!!”

I was preparing dinner one afternoon, when five-year old David came running up to me with a serious look on his face. He was always full of energy and mischief but he also had a delightful spirituality that was not taught but inborn. Once again, David had another theological question for me, “Mum, does Mary live in…… Continue reading “But Jesus is in There!!!”

No Jet Plane For Me?

    No jet plane for us Our journey through life can be compared to a desert scene. We are in the airport waiting for a jet plane to fly us to our oasis but a plane never seems to land for us. Meanwhile, there is a camel tied to the fence, with our name…… Continue reading No Jet Plane For Me?

Sunday Snippets

Another weekend, and another gathering over at RAnn’s place for Sunday Snippets: A Catholic Carnival. Although these posts were not written this week, I want to share them with  Catholic readers. 1. Why Did You Have So Many Kids? https://melaniejeanjuneau.wordpress.com/2012/09/21/why-did-you-have-so-many-kids/ 2. Want To Be Happy?: Take off your dung coloured glasses! https://melaniejeanjuneau.wordpress.com/2012/09/19/want-to-be-happy-take-off-your-dung-coloured-glasses/

Playing God

I am wired to function emotionally just like a vacuum cleaner,sucking up all my children’s pain. Likewise, my children are compassionate vacuum cleaners as well, who attract other people’s negative emotions. They are all aware that they learned this dysfunctional behaviour not only from observing Michael and me in action but also because they have inherited this trait from…… Continue reading Playing God

Spiritual Freedom: When Non-Essentials Fall Away

Credit: my daughter, Emily A sunrise. The light of truth dispels the darkness of confusion. Many traditionalists believe that church culture is the same as basic tenets of the faith. Challenging custom is then synonymous with challenging the faith. A young woman, Leah Marie, posted a piece on Blogher based on The Book of Mormon…… Continue reading Spiritual Freedom: When Non-Essentials Fall Away