Let Children Play

Childhood should be a time to play with freedom and joy without fear. Children need unstructured time for free play and even time to be bored because boredom is the birthplace of creativity. God also needs space and time to speak to our children’s lives. if we keep them in a constant cycle of enriching…… Continue reading Let Children Play

Celebrating Individuality Not Conformity

Celebrating Individuality Not Conformity My daughter had amazing concentration, even as a toddler. All children need free time, even boring times, to discover who they really are, what they are good at and what they enjoy. Our daughter, Grace became the philosopher/ artist she is today partly because I didn’t have time to try to…… Continue reading Celebrating Individuality Not Conformity

Ball and Chain in Place? Good. Now You Can Play.

REVISE THIS ARTICLE » Childhood should be a time to play in freedom and joy;When I was a child, we hopped on bikes without helmets, only wore sunscreen at the beach and ate peanut butter sandwiches.When my oldest children started school in the mid to late eighty’s, they played marbles, bounced tennis balls off the school…… Continue reading Ball and Chain in Place? Good. Now You Can Play.