Visual Moments of Grace

With Jenny at Suscipio. Moments of Grace can be found not only in words, or the work of God in our life but in art, any art but for me especially in religious paintings, icons and stained glass. This painting of the Trinity, represented as a ‘Mercy Seat’ is found in the refectory of Santa…… Continue reading Visual Moments of Grace

Mary is my Real Mum

Some religious people would maintain that only an active Christian can act lovingly. Yet Pope Francis and even Sacred Scriptures disagree with this narrow view. St. Paul explains that God will judge everyone by much how truth God has revealed to them. If a tribe hidden in a jungle has never heard the gospel, God will  judge them based on what…… Continue reading Mary is my Real Mum

Why Worry?

  Anxiety  makes us ill in body, mind, and spirit, yet it is ingrained in our nature from the moment we are born. Worry only feeds our panic over situations that are beyond our control. Letting  go and trusting seems impossible. My family’s word for over thinking is Mental Kung-Fu.  Try saying it and soon you will smile at the…… Continue reading Why Worry?