Words Were Sharper Than a Knife

I just have messaged a friend in Europe who has served in the army and is the type of man who rises up with righteous indignation when confronted with evil. There are times when men must stand up for what is right, even take up arms. Lucky for me because it is not in me to…… Continue reading Words Were Sharper Than a Knife

Surrendering Control to God

The  pivotal point in my personal and spiritual growth was realizing that, in fear, I  clung to control. I have let go of this control at least a thousand times already. A thousand times of choosing to surrender fear and lies and trusting. Each time I peel back a layer, another deeper level of fear…… Continue reading Surrendering Control to God

Small Success Thursday: My Word For This Year

Well, when I asked for a word for this year with a fuzzy, mush brain on Jan.1, the word that popped into my head was quite unexpected, a surprise really because it is not a word that I would usually focus on. What popped into my head seemed boring and mundane at first..steadfast. Then, unexpectedly, I…… Continue reading Small Success Thursday: My Word For This Year

The Catholic Prayer of Silence

The words prayer and contemplation intimidate many people but the reality is that prayer is simple, so simple that it eludes many adults, Relax. Be Quiet. Breathe in Deeply. Enjoy the silence. Connect and listen. Sometimes we need to simply cease our activity, live in the moment and breathe. This is reality. When the Spirit…… Continue reading The Catholic Prayer of Silence

Small Success Thursday: Sleep Apena

        Better late than never right? I wrote a post on the feast of St. Stephen for Boxing Day before my brain realized it was Thursday, then my brain shut down late at night and refused to coöperate by writing another post. I am fascinated by the fact that the Church celebrates the death…… Continue reading Small Success Thursday: Sleep Apena

Why Boxing Day is the Feast of the Martyr St. Stephen

Why would the Church celebrate the death of a martyr the day after Christmas?Remember the old English carol Good King Wenceslaus?  St. Stephen’s charity is the reason for the songs and customs which have become the traditional way of celebrating his feast. The old English carol Good King Wenceslaus celebrates how King Wenceslaus went out on St. Stephen’s day to…… Continue reading Why Boxing Day is the Feast of the Martyr St. Stephen