To Those in Darkness: Show Yourselves

Lenten Reflection for the Wednesday of the Fourth Week of Lent Reading 1IS 49:8-15, Responsorial Psalm PS 145:8-9, 13CD-14, 17-18, Gospel JN 5:17-30 In the first reading from Isiah, God promises a covenant  to the people that will restore the land. In issuing this covenant, The Lord does not simply wave a magic wand and transform evil into good. If someone…… Continue reading To Those in Darkness: Show Yourselves

Moments of Grace

Joyful tears of gratitude for my children; they are  signs of the mercy and grace of God. I am in the springtime of a new life. A life where I am actually alone at times for the first time in 32 years. This week my husband was on a hunting trip (he only shoots what…… Continue reading Moments of Grace