Worth Revisiting: Loving Lent?

Often people think of Lent as a time to share in the suffering of Christ yet when they try to suffer for Christ, they become morose, centring more on their own sacrificial devotions than on God. Of course, Lent IS a time to get rid of the flub in our lives but only so we…… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: Loving Lent?

No More Striving

No more striving. No more work. Strong words, Commands actually. The words reverberate in my mind Over and over, Like a mantra. A Divine mantra. A Holy reminder to let God work in my core self, Unhindered by my meddling. This work of transforming Is a Holy work I just get in the way When…… Continue reading No More Striving

Small Success Thursday: Moments of Grace

Simple. Everything about God is simple and natural.Or as Saint Therese of Lisieux says,“Everything is grace”. We are the ones in our pride who complicate our relationship to Him. Although Jesus surprised me by suddenly appearing in my life at 16, I tried too hard afterwards to grow in the spiritual life. I read all the complicated…… Continue reading Small Success Thursday: Moments of Grace


We cannot allow fear of the devil and deception to be stronger than our trust in God’s Mercy and Grace. Fear freezes us, often preventing the inner spiritual journey that leads to fullness of life in Christ.  As Catholics, we are often leery of personal revelation. Of course we should be cautious but what are we so worried about? The…… Continue reading DO WE TRUST MORE IN THE POWER OF GOD OR THE DEVIL?

Visual Moments of Grace

With Jenny at Suscipio. Moments of Grace can be found not only in words, or the work of God in our life but in art, any art but for me especially in religious paintings, icons and stained glass. This painting of the Trinity, represented as a ‘Mercy Seat’ is found in the refectory of Santa…… Continue reading Visual Moments of Grace

Lawn Chair Catechism, Session 5: Grace and the Great Quest

In your own faith: It can be hard to settle our minds on the idea of “cooperating with grace”.  How would you explain the Catholic doctrine on salvation to others? The first answer that pops into my mind comes originally from St Theresa of Avila. Since I have carried this explanation within me for more…… Continue reading Lawn Chair Catechism, Session 5: Grace and the Great Quest

Taking My Foot Off the Brake

Sabbath Moments and an awareness of God. Welcome to Colleen’s meme that she hosts on her blog Thoughts on Grace. Join us to share some of those moments when you either rested in the Lord this week or experienced Him in the ordinary.  “I do not understand the mystery of grace — only that it meets us where…… Continue reading Taking My Foot Off the Brake