A Miscarriage: A Soul Acknowledged then Released

I have always considered myself blessed with ten pregnancies which resulted in nine healthy babies and only one miscarriage. I thought that I knew how to handle a miscarriage, emotionally and spiritually. I thought I had done everything right by this little one who died before birth. I was mistaken. Twenty-five years ago I was in…… Continue reading A Miscarriage: A Soul Acknowledged then Released

Healing With MUD

John 9:1-17 -The healing of the blind man by the pool of Siloam There is so much I could discuss in this gospel passage such as illness is not the result of sin, God wants to heal us and the fact that Jesus is the light of the world. However what immediately pops into my mind are…… Continue reading Healing With MUD

Ask and You Will Receive

1 I have been sick this week, coughing till my head felt like it was about to explode, nasal passages almost blocked, throat raw. Suffering alone, like a pagan Philistine, never once even thinking to ask my heavenly Father for healing . I am  dense. Finally, the Spirit could not take it any more. I…… Continue reading Ask and You Will Receive

Family Trauma and Forgiveness

1. In the past six months, my large family of eleven has been bombarded with illness, cancer, a threat of a premature birth of our fifth grandchild,  celebrated  the birth of a fourth grandchild,  suffered with  a daughter cracking under  a combination of  duress and post traumatic stress,  lived through first year university drama and…… Continue reading Family Trauma and Forgiveness

7QT Friday: Cancer and Prayer

Both my husband I received the Sacrament of the Sick for the first time in our lives. 6 days ago. This morning, Michael is undergoing surgery to remove a very small lesion. It well be simply scraped off the bladder wall. The surgeon caught the malignancy in the earliest possible stage but it is still a…… Continue reading 7QT Friday: Cancer and Prayer

Sunday Snippets

Hello, and welcome to Sunday Snippets–A Catholic Carnival. We are a group of Catholic bloggers who gather weekly at This That and the Other Thing. 1. The first post I would like to share is A Sister Friend Among the Communion of Saints 2. and Taking My Foot Off the Brake