Artists Carve The Holy Family

  As a Canadian, I was delighted to discover Devotion to The Holy Family can be traced back to 17th century Québec when the first bishop of New France, Blessed François de Laval expanded the role of the Confraternity of the Holy Family, an association with roots going back to the very founding of Montréal. Modern Holy Family Sculpture often…… Continue reading Artists Carve The Holy Family

Sacrificed On The Altar of Success

Have you  sacrificed all on the altar of success? Since preschool, society has pushed you to excel, to rise above your peers.  You were groomed for success, to get into the best universities and snatch the most prized careers. Well, it is nice to have confidence, to fulfill your dreams, and have a sense of satisfaction…… Continue reading Sacrificed On The Altar of Success

Triumph Of The Innocents, First Martyrs

The Holy Innocents, victims of a jealous, power crazed tyrant  ultimately triumphed! They are Saints of God, as this painting by William Holman Hunt shows. The Innocents are with the Holy Family, in spirit, during the Family’s Flight to Egypt. Yet the fact remains that amidst all the sweet images of God becoming a tiny infant, we…… Continue reading Triumph Of The Innocents, First Martyrs