What Does Jesus Do With Ghosts?

Michael’s father, a police officer, had given our family free tickets to a large three-ring circus production that the police department was sponsoring. Of course, after a few hours, the flashing lights, loud music, breath-taking suspense, excitement and cotton candy overstimulated all six kids. Rather than playing like they usually did, everyone was hyperactive, yelling…… Continue reading What Does Jesus Do With Ghosts?

Why Did God Make Mothers?

How about a little taste of eight-year-old reasoning to act as a reality check to balance all those manipulative commercials and sentimental Mother’s Day cards flooding the market as we get closer to Mother’s day? A warning. The following true comments are not politically correct. So simply laugh and enjoy these hilarious comments from little…… Continue reading Why Did God Make Mothers?

A Good Irish Wake for A Good Irish Man

Before we moved to our farm, we had lived for ten years on two acres on a short, dead-end road which turned into a country bike lane,  meadows and fields of berries, all near a creek. It was the perfect place for a huge garden, to raise a large family and to foster a sense…… Continue reading A Good Irish Wake for A Good Irish Man

Worth Revisiting: All Dress Shopping Fathers Go To Heaven

As parents with nine kids and  little extra cash, we learned how to depend on Divine Providence to meet out kid’s needs, especially our fashion-conscious teenage girls. I remember scores of tragic-comic dramas as my saintly husband, Michael, shopped with our  six daughters. Since I was at home with a crew of little ones, dad…… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: All Dress Shopping Fathers Go To Heaven

Prolife: Using Humour Not Horror

There is a place for shock tactics in the battle to save our unborn children. Yet our society is bombarded by grotesque images of war, starvation and torture; it is almost immune to the most horrific scenes flashing across the media. Sometimes humour, warmth and humanity gets the point across with self-deprecating humour.

“Jesus is Where?, Sweetie”

It’s Worth Revisiting Wednesday! As Daniel waited expectantly for my wise answer, I scrambled to think quickly but truthfully. I was preparing dinner one afternoon, when five-year-old Daniel came running up to me with a serious look on his face. He was always full of energy and mischief but he also had a delightful spirituality…… Continue reading “Jesus is Where?, Sweetie”