Reflections After Spending Hours Locked in a Chicken Coop

I have always heard the mother is the heart of the family, especially a stay at home mother with a crew of kids, who also helps with a hobby farm. So why was I not missed when I spent hours locked in the chicken coop? You must first understand that even if this was a subconscious…… Continue reading Reflections After Spending Hours Locked in a Chicken Coop

Worth Revisiting: Inspired Thinking

As I mature in my walk with Christ, I have learned not to depend solely on my own logic but to take the time to listen to the Spirit. Divine inspiration always supplies new ideas and solutions, solutions I could never have come up with on my own.    ” Creative thinking may mean simply…… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: Inspired Thinking

Sunday Snippets – A Catholic Carnival

Welcome to Sunday Snippets hosted by RAnn atThis That and the Other Thing.  Join us for our usual Sunday round-up of blog posts. This week I have two posts to share: THE DESERT IN MY HEART A poem about writing in God and for God YOU HAD 9 KIDS!!! A humourous glimpse into the sort…… Continue reading Sunday Snippets – A Catholic Carnival