A Feminine Style of Holiness

Sometimes we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we forget the Good News, the Gospel of Christ.  Oh yes, we keep trudging to Mass, trying to pray, maybe reading a few lines of a spiritual book before we nod off but we lose sight of the real goal of the Christian life. Holiness I…… Continue reading A Feminine Style of Holiness

Children taught Me Gratitude

A  writing prompt asked writers what would be the most difficult things for you to leave behind in a burning house? Well really, the only objects I consider to be important are photos of family, my computer, passport and ID, a bible and bank card, assuming that I am wearing my wedding ring and gold…… Continue reading Children taught Me Gratitude

Worth Revisiting: Inspired Thinking

As I mature in my walk with Christ, I have learned not to depend solely on my own logic but to take the time to listen to the Spirit. Divine inspiration always supplies new ideas and solutions, solutions I could never have come up with on my own.    ” Creative thinking may mean simply…… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: Inspired Thinking

The Desert in My Heart

I have lingered in my own, inner desert Clinging to dried up habits. This dry soil has been my home. I saw little growth or change. Yet I yearned for the rain of Mercy To soak the hard crust of fear, To awaken my writers soul. The seeds of thought germinate. Assimilated emotions, reflections, Connected quotes…… Continue reading The Desert in My Heart