Entrusting My Fertility to God

I did not plan on having a large family; I had never even held a baby before our firstborn. I had moved east with Michael after our first baby was born, which cut me off from daily contact with friends and family. Although I enjoyed living in the country, raising our own vegetables and later even…… Continue reading Entrusting My Fertility to God

A Good Irish Wake for A Good Irish Man

Before we moved to our farm, we had lived for ten years on two acres on a short, dead-end road which turned into a country bike lane,  meadows and fields of berries, all near a creek. It was the perfect place for a huge garden, to raise a large family and to foster a sense…… Continue reading A Good Irish Wake for A Good Irish Man

Finally, A Pro-Life Doctor

By the time I was pregnant with my sixth child, I was desperate to find a supportive family doctor and obstetrician. Four of my five children had been delivered by Dr. Leslie E.,  a brilliant, strong feminist.  As a mother of a growing family, I was an enigma to her as she was to me.…… Continue reading Finally, A Pro-Life Doctor

Worth Revisiting: “Are They All Yours?”

A friend sent me the most amusing video, a song composed by a family of 12 , sung to the tune of the Christmas carol, “The 12 Days of Christmas”. It is hilarious because I have heard all these phrases for decades. listen and enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWzycOUrIYo  The very existence of a joyful mother of nine…… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: “Are They All Yours?”

Worth Revisiting: Standing Up for Large Families in our ‘Tolerant’ Modern Society

Large families are an anomaly in desperate need of an advocate in modern society. A prompt on a health website asked, “Are you an advocate for any cause?” I sputtered to myself, “I am not an advocate for anything or anybody!” Immediately after that statement, a new idea popped into my mind, “Hey, wait a…… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: Standing Up for Large Families in our ‘Tolerant’ Modern Society