Break the Silence.

Welcome to the 10th session of Lawn Chair Catechism, using Forming Intentional Disciples: The by Sherry Weddell:   The first thing that must be done is to deliberately and persistently break the code of silence if it is in place.  The Catholic norm of silence about a relationship with God, about Jesus Christ and his story, about our own…… Continue reading Break the Silence.

Thresholds of Conversion: Seeking and Discipleship

 Session 9 For discussion: In your own faith: Are you ready, spiritually, to acknowledge that certain leaders in your parish or diocese may not yet be disciples of Jesus? Are you prepared to treat those persons graciously?  To let go of past hurts?  To respect them as they make their journey to discipleship? Jean Vanier…… Continue reading Thresholds of Conversion: Seeking and Discipleship

Catholic Carnival

Sunday Snippets–A Catholic Carnival Hello, and welcome to Sunday Snippets–A Catholic Carnival. We are a group of Catholic bloggers who gather weekly to share our best posts with each other. To participate, go to your blog and create a post titled Sunday Snippets–A Catholic Carnival. In it, discuss and link to your posts for the…… Continue reading Catholic Carnival

Lawn Chair Catechism: Presence Evangelism

The question I am supposed to answer is all about trust and evangelism, how someone was a link for me and if I have been a bridge for another person. I do answer the last question at the end of this article but I felt compelled to look at the three types of evangelism that…… Continue reading Lawn Chair Catechism: Presence Evangelism

God Has No Grandchildren

Lawn Chair Catechism, Session 2: God Has No Grandchildren For discussion: In your own faith: Have you always been Catholic? How did the instruction and mentoring you received help you – or prevent you – from having a personal relationship with God? If you were raised in a Catholic home, are your family members all…… Continue reading God Has No Grandchildren